Heriberto Rafael Vidal Limón perfil

Heriberto Rafael Vidal Limón, graduated from Biology bachelor degree in Biology and Agronomic Sciences faculty, of Veracruz University, with honors. His MSc degree in plant biotechnology was obtained from CINVESTAV Irapuato in Fitochemistry laboratory, working how alkamides induce Arabidopsis thaliana roots responses, correlating compound structures with morphological effects.

He worked as a fulltime professor at IPN in campus  UPIIG, teaching lectures and laboratory practices in biotechnology and pharmaceutical engineerings.

since 2010 to present, he’s doing his PhD in biotechnology at the University of Barcelona, School of Pharmacy , in Plant Physiology group with the aim to improve taxanes production, potent anti-cancer agents, using as plataform cell suspension cultures of genus Taxus, using and optimizing elicitation processes and molecular techniques.

During PhD studies, has published articles in high impact scientific journals and participated in several international conferences. He also collaborated on projects with national and international companies such as L’ Oreal and Agusti Torellò. In addition, he teach laboratories practices at University of Barcelona to bachelor and Master level .