Projects allocated as ORAL PRESENTATIONS

The presentations in the modality of “oral presentation”, according to the published program will have strictly 15 minutes for the presentation and 5 additional minutes for questions and answers. The room will have projector and computer with the most common programs (Excel, Word, Power Point in the version of Office 2007), avoid the use of files in later versions of Office.

The speakers are asked to present themselves in the room 15 minutes before the session with the coordinator of conferences in order to review details of the presentation. The file of your presentation will be available in the computer of the room, reason why we asked you attentively to send it later the 15 February, registration is enabled on the following link:

Presentations must include:

  1. Title of the work
  2. Name of the authors and adscription
  3. Introduction, where in a brief manner the situation or the research topic should be stated as well as the objectives of the same.
  4. Methods/methodology, that will describe briefly how the research was carried (subjects, instruments, procedure, etc.)
  5. Results and discussion, where a concise description of the results obtained during the investigation should be stated, as well as a brief discussion of the same, aside from the achievement of the goals.
  6. Conclusions
  7. References

The use of the correspondent template for the elaboration of your presentation is mandatory



Authors will be responsible of the content and images of the presentation.

Projects allocated as POSTERS

Posters should abide the established format in the Guide of the Author by the committee:
90 cm wide, 110 cm long; with the same criteria of oral presentations.

On exhibition day it is recommended to have a dialogue of about 5 minutes with the most relevant aspects of the work; additionally it is suggested to remain in the place during the time established in the program. The correspondent template for posters is the following:



The following indications are suggested to be followed:

Place the logotype of Innovation Match Mx in the top left corner (already included in the template) Place the logotype of the correspondent institution on the top right corner.

TITLE: Bold type, capital letters with a minimal size of 2 cm, maximum of 15 words. Scientific names of species with italic typography, genre initial with capital letter and the rest with lower case.

AUTHORS: Names should be placed under the title, with capital and lowercase letter of 1 cm size.
INTRODUCTION, MATERIALS AND METHODS, RESULTS, CONCLUSIONS AND CITED LITERATURE. Text in two columns should be written with 0.5cm size letter, which allows to be read at a distance of 2m. Tables should be brief, with the minimal number of words and digits. It is preferable to present graphic information.

The poster will be presented digitally (printing is not necessary) and the file will be available in the corresponding computer, reason why we asked you attentively to send it later the 15 February, registration is enabled on the following link: later day and hour of presentation will be assigned in the program that will be published in the main site.