Innovation Match Mx, committed with the attendance of the accepted persons in the category of SPEAKERS as well as the partnership of innovative technology based projects towards a Mexican economy based in knowledge; makes of your awareness the process for requesting funds in the areas of ACCOMODATION and TRANSPORTATION for the event that will be held the days 31 May, 1 and 2 June 2017 in Centro Citibanamex
Knowing that some institutions (Universities Research Centres, etc.) count with the capability of defraying part of the expenses for investigators and/or students to assist national and international congresses; we attentively ask you to appeal for that financing or the equivalent in your home institution since Innovation Match Mx will only evaluate to provide a COMPLEMENTARY quantity according to the –Grant Tabulator- stipulated.


• The present call is addressed to the speakers accepted to present their projects in the Second International Forum Innovation Match Mx, according to the respective Acceptance Letter.
• Only one speaker per project will receive the grant.
• In case of approval in the category of ACCOMODATION, only a maximum period of check-in on Tuesday 30 May 2017 and check-out Saturday 3 June 2017, will be covered. More information in the Letter Deliberation of Grants.
• In case of approval in the category of TRANSPORTATION, stop-offs not-related to the event won’t be covered. More information in the Letter Deliberation of Grants.
• Only those applications sent through the website will be received and evaluated, under no circumstance applications sent by email will be received.
• Innovation Match Mx, won’t provide grants for co-authors, spouses, partners, among others, from the speaker and it reserves the right of rejecting applications when the Committee considers that the conditions of the present call are not respected as well as the rules, statutes and objectives of the Forum.

1. Complete the indicated format in the website.
2. Letter of support and/or denial from the university by the assessor and/or responsible of the speaker with data for contacting the person, position, email and telephone.
3. Proof of address and/or proof of residence in the indicated country
4. Proof of studies, current credential or study card
5. Acceptance code, indicated on your Letter of Acceptance (example: IMMX-XX-0000)


Applications for travel expenses will be received from the launching of this call and to the 1 March 2017
The committee will evaluate and send answers from 15 March to 18 March 2017


Once accepted and formalized the grant, the speakers will be notified individually of the modality for validating the sponsorship, existing 3 different:

a) Innovation Match Mx, will book Hotel and Transportation for the speaker and he/she will be notified later of the numbers and dates of the bookings.
b) The SPEAKER will take care of the booking or bookings that get approved and will proceed to the REFUND according to the –Grant Tabulator-. It will be necessary to present in a compulsory manner the required receipts for the same process, bills, invoices as well as bank data, etc.
c) A combination of the two previous modalities.



Origin Complementary maximum amount
Mexico United States, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, Belize, Guatemala, etc. 5,000 MXN
Europe, and some places in South America (Chile, Argentina, Brazil, etc.) 10,000 MXN
Asia and Africa 15,000 MXN