Transistor and supercapacitor (Transcap)

Transistor and supercapacitor (Transcap)

Announcement Date : Jan 15 , 2016


Innovation:Transistor and supercapacitor (Transcap)

Author: J. Sayago, U. Shafique, F. Soavi, F. and C. Santato Cicoira, J. Mater. Chem. C, 2014, 2, 10273-10276.

Description:The transistor and supercapacitor functions (Transcap), ie, combining Transistor Logic function with energy storage, are simultaneously possible based on the structure of electrochemical transistors. The stacking polymer/electrolyte/carbon of electrochemical transistor comprises the cell configuration of a hybrid supercapacitor where the activated carbon is charged by an electrostatic process and the channel transistor is charged by an electrochemical process. When the Transcap is on (the transistor channel is open), the polymer and the gate electrode carbon store a charge (Q) to a voltage (Vgs). Therefore, the stored energy is equal to Q • Vgs. When Transcap is off, the channel and the gate are discharged and the energy can be recovered to power other electronic components of the system.

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