Sketchair Smart Chair

Sketchair Smart Chair

Announcement Date : Jan 21 , 2016


Innovation: Sketchair Smart Chair

Author: Espora Estudio

Description: Espora Estudio, a company created in 2012 under the direction of Lic. Alejandro Flores, responsible for developing digital products for businesses and organizations these digital products are embodied in apps, custom systems, applications, virtual reality and augmented reality among others. Currently, we have worked together with the research center Solarium Labs ( which is led by Dr. Hiram Ponce, in collaboration with the research center developed the application Sketchair (http : // which is an intelligent system capable of generating chairs from the needs, the user places their needs and the system generates technical information to create the chair, using this data designer generates the aesthetics industry, this system helps industrial designers to generate all the technical specifications of a guided and effortlessly. The development is based on article A Novel Design Model Based on Genetic Algorithms ( Dr. Hiram Ponce where details how algorithms are used Genetic to create new design models.