Portable medical device to detect and prevent cervical cancer in women.

Portable medical device to detect and prevent cervical cancer in women.

Announcement Date : Jan 22 , 2016


Innovation: Portable medical device to detect and prevent cervical cancer in women.

Author: Onko Solutions

Description: Onko Solutions has developed a portable medical device to detect and prevent cervical cancer in women. Unlike Pap test, the test of the human papilloma virus or biopsies, our medical device does not require a tissue sample or laboratory analysis.

Our device combines multiple technologies that make the best use of intelligent systems based on neural networks and support vector machine, including simplified optical spectroscopy and bioimpedance, which is increasingly becoming an important area in regard to the prevention and the diagnosis of cancer.

Our technology is superior to the traditional cytology as it provides immediate results and allows the inclusion of artificial intelligence to collect, disseminate and display the results in the review of cancer cells in vivo. The device allows the patient to examine noninvasively and get instant results, eliminating pain in the patient and work consuming and costly laboratory.
Benefits of our technology
• Our technology is accurate and secure.
• Unlike current technologies, our technology produces immediate results.
• The intelligent system is based on neural networks and support vector machine.
• The test is noninvasive.
• No need for a specialist to interpret the results.
• Cutting-edge technology: combines biophotonics and electrical impedance spectroscopy.
• It offers higher levels of sensitivity and specificity.
• Immediate feedback to the patient and operator
• Easy to use
• High level of performance
• High level of cervical screening
• consistent and accurate results
• There is no pain or discomfort to the patient
• If necessary, the patient can be treated like the first visit.
• No cytologists and medical personnel need highly trained
• Suitable for remote areas and developing countries
• Cost savings to the health system

Profit, Social Impact: Every two minutes a woman dies in the world due to cervical cancer, even if it is very easy to prevent and even cure. The reason for this high mortality rate is that many women do not have access to cervical inspection methods, because the current technology requires complex and expensive laboratories and highly specialized doctors.

Our device breaks with these paradigms. The size, portability and
ease of use allows the test to be administered by a nurse, medical technician or semi-skilled medical personnel, providing immediate results, even in unusual conditions and remote marginalized populations.

Further testing is using our inexpensive device does not require laboratory work and has a sensitivity greater than 85%, resulting in a breakthrough in women’s health.

Important dates
The first patent for our device was obtained in 2005, while Onko Solutions was established in 2014.