Nano cathalic medicine

Nano cathalic medicine

Announcement Date : Dec 18 , 2015


Innovation: Nano cathalic medicine

Author: Tessy Maria Lopez Goerne

Description: The nano cathalic medicine is a discipline that allows injecting particles of few nanometers in a brain tumor to kill cancer cells, one by one. Lopez and his team of researchers took as a model the C6 glioblastoma multiform type tumor, which may end one person life in less than 36 months. It is the most aggressive and the type that develops in the human brain. Thus, the specialists decided to take the research with this model because if they kill such cells could kill anything. The Lopez idea is to inject in the tumor some milligrams of nanoparticles, but there is a question. How nanoparticles identify diseased cells? According to Dr. Mayra Alvarez, one of its partners, cancer cells have special a surface with chemical characteristics that make them receptive to the nanoparticles, so that only those, allow its passage. They have made studies in mice and the results are surprising, because 30 days after injection of nanoparticles, the tumor is reduced between 50% and 80%, even in mice that have left live, tumor practically ceased to exist. It will take time for the nano particles to be commercially available, because they are currently preparing the clinical protocol for the treatment subject to human trials, then will begin a process of four stages that take up to four years.