Methanol extract by extruding neem seed (Azadirex)

Methanol extract by extruding neem seed (Azadirex)

Announcement Date : Feb 9 , 2016


Innovation: Methanol extract by extruding neem seed (Azadirex)

Author: Gabriela Esparza-Diaz

Description: My innovative process was designed for extracting compounds from neem seed (Azadirachta indica) which shows a high efficiency in a major pest, melon aphid or cotton aphid (Aphis gossypii). Fortunately, neem seed is readily obtainable in nearby Mexico. To exploit this natural resource, an innovative process is designed for extracting compounds from neem seed. The key ingredient, azadirachtin, is extracted from the need seed by means of a solvent extrusion with methanol. The use of methanol results in a concentration of 2478 mg kg-1 of azadirachtin (AZA), a concentration higher than that obtainable with alternative solvents such as hexane, water, or d-limonene. The resulting seed extract, called Azadirex, also contains salanin, azadirachtin B, and nimbin. The salanin concentration is of 3866 mg kg-1 and significantly outperformed the other substances. In comparison, traditional methods such as aqueous, Soxhlet with hexane, and extrusion without solvent all led to lower concentrations of AZA (565, 422 and 150 mg kg-1, respectively). An Azadirex dosage equivalent to 0.2 mg of AZA 5 per cm2 leaflet of Ixora coccinea L shows a higher insecticidal effect than that obtained via other extracts using the same dose of AZA. When the test plants were checked after 48 hours and again after 72 hours, the use of Azadirex had resulted in a 100% mortality rate for the Aphis gossypii.