High hydrostatic pressure ( HPP ) : The future of nature

High hydrostatic pressure ( HPP ) : The future of nature

Announcement Date : Jan 21 , 2016


Innovation: High hydrostatic pressure ( HPP ) : The future of nature

Author: Press Foods MX

Description: Press MX Foods discovered a technology, already used and tested worldwide, to increase the life of foods naturally, without heat and without additives and preservatives, combining water and very high pressures.

There are companies who use products of high added value, especially for export for his life increased 200% to 800%.
Our innovation was when we saw the cost of technology and that only large companies with the innovation departments could use. At the same time, these companies do not let small and medium enterprises use. Press MX Foods, created with the intention of providing a platform, with this technology, small and medium enterprises by offering technology at a cost per kilogram. This allows them to grow in a modular fashion, without major investments, with increased service life and optimally for business, undistracted in addition to their product processes. That is, they can process up to a minimum of 100 kg using projected as security technology and food preservation more important than the next 10 years technology.