Cosmic Rays

Cosmic Rays

Announcement Date : Dec 18 , 2015


Invention:Cosmic Rays

Author:Manuel Sandoval Vallarta

Description:The physical Manuel Sandoval made a contribution to theoretical physics when he first explained the origin of cosmic rays. Cosmic rays are particles coming from space and constantly bombard the Earth from all directions. These particles, highly energetic, can even travel at nearly the speed of light and have a million times more energy than the particles generated in the most powerful accelerator in the world.
Although it can be detected on Earth, most cosmic rays come to us not because they are held back by the protective shield of our planet’s magnetosphere.
Some studies suggest that cosmic rays can cause various cancers, cardiovascular problems and even increase the chances of Alzheimer’s, but this only would affect astronauts in space, and extensive seasons, receive heavy rain of particles.
A trip to Mars would expose the crew to these high doses that could affect your health.
Cell can be converted into cosmic ray detectors because muons can penetrate the raw material and be detected even with the camera of our devices, giving us information about the cascade of cosmic rays that entered the Earth’s atmosphere.