a-Prevenir© system

a-Prevenir© system

Announcement Date : Feb 23 , 2016

Imagen A-Prevenir

Innovation: a-Prevenir© system

Author: Salvador Villarreal Reyes

Description: The a-Prevenir© is a platform created to contribute in preventive medicine campaigns

within rural or urban areas with low penetration of medical services. a-Prevenir© grants the possibility of support the early detection of risks

factors that are present in chronic-degenerative diseases. This, by automatizating the process of taking and recording somatometry measures and vital

signs of users. Thus, a-Prevenir© is a valuable tool that can help in increasing the coeverage and capacity of public and private health systems.

Moreover, it can help to create early intervention strategies in order to reduce the socioeconomic burden caused by chronic degenerative diseases.

This versatile platform was designed in a modular way such that can be adjusted to the needs of the application requirements. Among the most important

capabilities of the platform we can find:

• Remote consultation: Through a video call, in which a health professional receives the user’s measurements obtained with the system. Then,

users can receive guidance and recommendations for health improvement.
• Screening: By collecting information of somatometry and vital signs from the population, the system can contribute in preventive medicine

• Light electronic medical record: Update of the patient’s clinical record.
• Somatometry and vital signs: Blood pressure, glucose, temperature, weight, height, body mass index and waist circumference are some of the

measurements that the system collects. The process of collecting these measurements is assisted by a visual interface with guidelines for each medical

• Connectivity: Communication protocols of a-Prevenir© were designed to properly work even in networks with low/medium data rates. This enables

the deployment of the system in urban and rural areas in which these kinds of networks (e.g., cellular networks) are the only ones available.

Furthermore, it is feasible to use satellite links with restricted bandwidths and thus moderate costs to reach communities with no other connectivity


Profit, Social Impact:
The potential benefits of the a-Prevenir© system are the following:

Efficient management of available human resources.

• If the user owns a digital medical record, the measurements will be added directly to it and even allow users to schedule an appointment at

available hours.
• Reduction of errors caused by the manual recording of data into the electronic medical record by making this process automatic.
• In addition to updating its electronic medical record, the user receives a printed ticket with the results of the measurements acquired with

reference values. Thus a-Prevenir© could be used to promote self-awareness by helping the users to continuously monitoring their health.
• Improve management of medical health records of the users.